Dr. Leon Gilead

Certified dermatologist, derm & MOHS surgeon

Publication list:
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Dermatology is one of widest and most diverse areas of medicine, and like many other modern medical fields, It also was subjected in the last decades to fundamental changes with the emergence of new research areas closely followed by new medication and treatments. A dermatologist knows more than 3000 disease conditions, their dianostic criteria and treatments.
Dr. Gilead is one of the leading dermatologists in Israel and is being continuously updated in these innovations. For the convenience of users, there are diverse information leaflets written by Dr. Gilead, dealing with Dr. Gilead's special interest areas as well as description of the treatments performed in the clinic and in operating rooms in the hospitals he is working with.

The clinic is centrally located in Jerusalem, Designed & built for the convenience of the patients in a manner allowing for complete privacy in the treatment rooms. 'Clalit Mushlam' 'Macaby Magen Zahav (Gold Shield)' 'Leumit complementary services (Shaban)' insurance holders are admitted through regular arrangements and reception is also for private patients with other kinds of medical insurance.

Clinic days & hours may be changed on short notice and therfore appointments have to be scheduled in advance (registered patients shall be informed in advance if possible).
Appointments can be requested via one of several options available here.

Dr. Leon Gilead was born in Haifa, in 1960. He is married and a father of 4.

He is a graduate of the Hadassah & Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine, holding an MD and a PhD in biochemistry. He studies Dermatology in the Hadassah University Medical Center's Dermatology department and on 2004 attended a MOHS surgery course & preceptorship in Sun-Diego, California.
Formerly a senior physician and a unit head at the Hadassah University Medical Center's Dermatology department, head of the Dermato & MOHS Surgery Clinic and The Israeli Hansen's disease center.
He is a consultant to the Psoriasis patient organization In Israel as well as HMO's and to private medical insurance companies.
טלפון:  02-5633033     |     פקס:  02-5633000     |     דוא"ל:  5633033f@gmail.com     |     כתובת:  עמק רפאים 43ב', קומה ראשונה


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